Friday, October 19, 2018

HORSES and HEARTS Rug Update

With just a little over two weeks away from rug camp I've got to start concentrating on pulling wool for the camp rug.  But am having so much fun with this one it is hard to stop hooking.

Since the horses were drawn coloring book style figured they were up for interpretation so made one a pinto.  The pinto reminds me of my friend's horse when we would go riding.  This is what the rug looks like now.
I've redrawn some hearts and another needs to be done.  But this has been fun to hook.  Since I love horses, the smell of them and the beauty as they move, it will be enjoyable to look at somewhere in my home.

For those just catching my blog, this is a design by Marion Hamm which originally had 8 horses.  It was also provided as a free to draw design in  an American Folk Crafts book.  So I'm thinking whoever drew this on linen wanted just 6 horses and drew hearts too close to the horses and some not straight.  But I'm quite happy for my catch!



  1. Loving ur mat!
    Like all the different colors u are doing,,,
    Such a fun one,,,
    You will be getting excited about camp!!?
    Have great time,,, you always seem to!
    Take care,,

  2. As always you are coming right along. I love the different horses great rug


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