Friday, October 12, 2018

What to Hook at Camp

Early November there is another rug camp and I haven't quite decided what to hook.  A few weeks ago this antique was my plan.  But now I'm getting wishy-washy about it so will go window shopping my photos and Pinterest again.
So here goes to peruse my photos of antique rugs to see if something inspires me.  Have had this Farm Scene from the 1900s in my files for some time.  It was to have been found in Lancaster County and thought to be hooked by the Mennonites.  You can see I like those dirty drab old rugs.
This 1877 Urn hooked rug has been on my 'to do' list for as long as I've been hooking and still haven't hooked it.  Love those vivid rich colors.
Below is a design I was interested in hooking at one time and even drew it up for someone else to hook  I drew 2 sizes and would go for the smaller one measuring 28 x 40.  Hmm, or maybe I'd make it a tad smaller?
At one time this antique below was the next to be hooked.  Then something happened as I was drawing it out and completely reversed my plan.  That spark hasn't returned but thought I'd post a photo of it anyway.
This rug hooked 1845 caught my eye as I was perusing my photos but don't think it will be one I draw to hook in November.
Actually I'm not passionate about any of those posted.   Perhaps I need to pull out my Kopp book and other older books with antique pictures in them.  Clock is ticking.



  1. Saundra, I've been obsessed with that 1877 rug in the Kopp book ever since I got the book! I laugh because although I have tons of wool, I don't have that particular shade of blue, and I really think that the blue is just perfect! So I'd have to dye wool or buy more, just to make this one. It reminds me of a bubble gum machine even though it's probably a flower put under a glass dome?

  2. So where is this camp adventure? I am sure you will find just the right rug .

  3. I love the first two, something different and you can have fun redesigning them.


  4. They all look interesting,,, bbut love 1877 urn!!
    Have that book, too,,,
    You will decide,, time is definitely going fast!!
    Take care,,,

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