Monday, September 16, 2019

Cape May Rug Show Week 1

Try tho I may to get photos of all the rugs in the show am sure some were missed.  Walking space is limited and people are plenty so one detours to be polite.  Tried to go back and capture photos but if any camp attendees don't see their rug perhaps I missed the follow up walk.

Spent a lot of time to crop and reduce the size of the photos, that took so long I haven't named the photos.  Perhaps you can tap on the photo to read the rug name, designer's and hookers name yourself.
I do know that floral purse was hooked by my friend Deb in Cindy Irwin's class this past April in Ocean City, MD.  Sadly that was the camp I missed so didn't get to see my friend enjoy the class with Cindy.

The small mat above was named "mapping' and was an experiment with natural dyes.  Wonder which colors were developed by which plant??

I hooked my own version of the antique adaptation above and showed it last year at Cape May.

The above piece really intrigued me...a lot.  Yeah you think I'm crazy with all the gorgeous other rugs just posted.  But the one above was done by the same gal who did the natural dye mapping piece.  The one above was hooked with tee shirts and cotton pj's.  Using those fibers is on my 'to do' list if I ever get any interesting tee shirts.  Perhaps it will take a trip to the thrift shop like when I started hooking with wool.

Have more rug photos from camp so maybe I'll get them named and provide more info next time I post.  The body is healing with normal rest and normal eating but don't think the scale shows any response to my diet change yet.

Each rug camp is fun but I swear this one was at the top of the leader board.  Met some new wonderful women, the 'dungeon' was full of laughter, wine was flowing and so was the wool dust.



  1. Lots of wonderful talent there with you. sounds heavenly

  2. Sounded like u had a terrific time!
    So glad!
    The mats are wonderful,,, the last one appeals to me, too,,,
    Neat sounding materials!

  3. Nice rugs. Think my fave is the Tortoise and Hare one. Sounds like a fun camp.

  4. Glad you had fun. I can't even pick a favorite...they are all amazing! A talented group for sure.

  5. Thanks for sharing the rugs with us and I am glad you are having a great time.


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