Saturday, September 21, 2019

Cape May Week One Throw Down

Below are the photos I captured on the front lawn at The Chalfonte hotel on Thursday after class.  Gives all of us a chance to see what everyone is working on.  Some folks put their name tags on their work so it was easy to see whose work it was.
That time of day the sun is behind us so makes it difficult to capture a good photo.  And some would ask to move out of the way so as to not get the shadow.  

Below is a design and wonderful memory to Char of the trip to Scotland she and her husband took this year.  Char snapped photos of rocks at Brig 'O Doon which held a special meaning to her and hubby who is of Scottish descent.  Char hooked the Loons in a previous post and many other wonderful pieces.
Undoubtedly this face below is being hooked by Cheri Reid ~ think it is called Goldilocks.  Cheri has hooked so many large realistic faces it has become second nature to her.
Christi Teasley did the collage at the bottom left and decided to do a hooked version.  She said the orange yarn will eventually be replaced by another textile after it is all hooked. 
Deb Burcin is working on Dennis.
Friend and roomie Deb drew and is hooking this Fraktur Angel.
  A narrow cut piece of an infant and mother.
Jan Finger's Solar Power design below. 
 A lion and don't know who is hooking it...sorry.  And it might be a design by Bev Conway????
 New friend Lois Filingeri was making very good time hooking Turkey and Tallowberries, a design by Lori Brechlin and sold by Spruce Ridge Studios.
O're the moon Neath the Sea piece I believe was started before camp.
Pat Kasold was hooking a foot stool to match the colors in a certain room.
Pat McDonald's piece below I believe was started before attending camp also.
I've always been intrigued with this Spinning Witch design that Phyllis Sheetz is working on.
 Lois Hilliard also accomplished a lot on her rug named Sue's Catch.
 An antique adaptation being hooked by Susan Foley.
 Tropical Leopard  colors are being distorted due to the shadow. 
Luckily I'd taken a photo of the rug when it was just started so you can see the colors better.
I didn't spend much time looking for orbs this trip.  Evelyn emailed me just before leaving for camp and her instructions were, "just hook, don't look for orbs".  Try tho I might to fight the urge, finally Thursday evening I grabbed my digital camera.  

There was a music jam in the bar that night and the place was crawling with people.  Some hallways were closed off near the cupola  to access the rest of the hotel.  So my travel was limited.  Going down the steps to venture other hallways I had to ask people to move off the steps.  Likewise, upon returning I had to ask people to move so I could go back to my room.  So that ended my orb search as I didn't feel free to move about.

BUT, that brief search did find one orb.  And no, it isn't a piece of dust on the lens as there were photos before and after and no dust in that spot in those other pictures.  Do you see the orb in the top right side of the photo?  It is along the wall close to the back door exit.
My flash did catch someone off guard as they were entering their room.  And for that I apologized.  



  1. Lovely rugs and so cool you caught an orb! Lucky you! Janice

  2. There is a lot of talent displayed.
    Thanks for all the pictures.

  3. I forgot you looked for orbs. Sooo cool. Glad you saw one. And my oh my but that is an artistic group. Those rugs are ambitious designs! What fun to see them in progress.

  4. Nice starts for everyone. My favorite is the Lori Brechlin turkey. I am always drawn to that pattern. I love the antique adaptation with roses, too.

  5. Love , love these mats!
    What a great time,,,

  6. Hi Saundra,
    Always look forward to your photos of your rug camp and am never disappointed!! So many lovely rugs and so much talent!! I just love the Turkey and Tallowberries design and have made several in punch needle!
    Thanks so much for sharing and taking us along!!
    Enjoy your week, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo


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