Sunday, September 1, 2019

Cape May Rug Camp is my Motivator

Can't say I've been hooking much unless you call it Un-hooking and Re-hooking.  Was motivated to change my boy Ben in the rug before taking it to Cape May for rug show.  And as I'm gathering the other pieces hooked in 2018 realized there was yet another item not show worthy.

It was certainly good enough to display on my kitchen pantry door last winter but in critiquing it this week realized it needed a face-lift before going to camp.  I love the design by Kelley Belfast called "Welcome Snowman" but made mine into a real stocking and stuffed it with fiberfill.  Thought it looked too fat and unstable to display at camp.  Here is last winter in my kitchen.
The stuffing was removed.
Located the pellon, positioned the dowels inside, glued and stitched them in place.
Then inserted the doubled stiff pellon inside the hooked stocking.
Forgot to take a photo of it, but I also secured the perimeter of the stocking with thread to keep it flat.  There is still a hanger  in the back but isn't visible.  Hmmm, now wish the 'Snow' sign was a little higher but not going to undo what is already done AGAIN.  

Think I'm finished redoing projects and I'm exhausted.  In addition to finishing up Welcome Snowman (2 day project) I was busy in the yard.  

Today I trimmed a forsythia bush, cut back overgrown limbs hanging over said forsythia bush and pulled unruly honeysuckle vines over and around both of those.  

THEN, staying true to THE LIST getting ready for camp ~  my vehicle was vacuumed inside, windows washed inside.  But didn't wash the exterior yet as it is to rain this week so will pick a good day to do that.

Okay kids, it's only 6 days and a wake-up before leaving for wonderful Cape May and Rugs by the Sea.  See ya soon Norma and Linda!!!!



  1. I wish I were as organized as you. I will be leaving the same day for Star Island I have friday off from work so that will be my get it all together day.

  2. You are excited!
    I would be , too,,,
    Your wall hanging is great!
    You have been very busy!!

  3. Looks like you are getting ready now. Love the snowman! Have fun! Janice

  4. You are going to be exhausted by the time you walk out the door!!


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