Thursday, September 19, 2019

4th Cape May Rug show

There were a LOT of rugs in the show this year but I do recall a couple years back when there were so many rugs some were placed on the front porch rather than eliminating them from the show.  This is the last of the finished rugs but there is still the 'throw down' photos coming later.

You should see this rug in person...awesome!  Named Adamstown Filly it is designed and hooked by Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios.  The border is unlike anything I've seen before.  Kris said she used the lattice work on her porch as the pattern for the border.
Dorset Flowers was hooked by Ingrid Hieronimus.
Fraktur Angel needlepunched by Pat Osborne.
Below is a design called Tropical Leopard by Kris Miller.  A gal in our class was hooking this and hope she attends same week next year so I can see her rendition.
Tiger and Leopard hooked by Elise Roberts.
A pattern named Vintage below and hooked by Kim McWilliams.
Kim also hooked the "Tumbling Blocks" rug below.
She also hooked Manchu Dragon Below.
Diane Stoffel designed and hooked a display of color in the Apple.
Cape May St. Francis hooked by Roberta Olah.
Partridge in a Pear tree was hooked by Margaret Woody.
An antique adaptation below was hooked by Lois Hilliard.  Lois had several rugs in the show this year.
Kathy Spellacy hooked this design "Hometown" below.
Cyndi Stinson hooked this rug named Shall We Gather by the River.
Sweet sweet design by P J Rankin named "Over the Moon".  Must say I was over the moon in love with this cute design offered by Spruce Ridge and purchased the pattern at camp.   
Margaret Woody hooked this wonderful piece called Comstock.  Love her color choices and I've a small version of his design in my pattern stash.
Hmmm, didn't see a tag on this rug so if anyone knows who hooked it,  please let me know. 
The following pieces were all hooked by Ingrid Hieronimus and while those are definitely not my color choices or wool strip size of choice, these were magnificent pieces.  Such great workmanship and detail.  

There are still the 'throw down' photos but am done for the night.



  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! I can't believe how many rugs you've seen in one place. I too love that boarder and the partridge in a pear tree for some reason.

  2. So much talent and so much inspiration

  3. Wow!
    Thanks for the shows!
    Ingrid does amazing work,,, have taken a few workshops with her,,,
    She lives about 2 hours away,,,
    Shes busy,,, with her dyeing,,,
    Thanks so much, saundra!!
    Have great weekend,,,

  4. Wow ….incredible hooking !!!

  5. So much inspiration.
    I just love the pattern you purchased :)


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