Saturday, September 7, 2019

Did You Know?

Getting camp supplies ready for departure tomorrow and thought I'd start off camp with a freshly cleaned Townsend cutter.  I cleaned both ends ~ the end with the blades and the gear end.

Did you know those need cleaning too?
Moreover, did you know the companion gears on the Townsend cutter itself needs to be cleaned also??  See that one gear which make the two on the blade move?  That itty bitty thing?
You wouldn't believe what I scratched and brushed out of that.
Yup, see those chunks of packed wool?  Guess it's been a while since I attended to that.  The brush wasn't making much of an impact so got a needle and plucked inside each gear then brushed.  Bet my cutter purrs like a kitten now.

Also put windshield washer fluid in the car, checked the oil and tire pressure so all systems look good.



  1. Have a great time away!
    Safe travels,,,,

  2. Interesting. Don’t think that I have ever cleaned thattiny part. Will have to check it out. Safe travels and have fun.

  3. I've never cleaned that either.
    Tire pressure and oil checked in my car. Taking off today :)
    Safe travels to you.


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