Friday, September 6, 2019

Pre-departure Breakage

Not to worry, it isn't anything hooking related, thank goodness.  Can't imagine what I'd do if something happened to my Townsend.  Hmm, but then I've a couple backup cutters (Fraser 500 and Bliss) so could always take one of those.

Thank goodness it also wasn't my Snapdragon but then I've got back up frames too  😁.  Friends would often tease me about having backups, and a back up for the back up.  

This morning while blowing my hair dry thought my fingers had gotten too close to the dryer because it had a burning sensation.  By the time I'd pulled my hand and dryer away the dryer cut off ~ burned up.  Quickly I unplugged it.  My hair wasn't dry yet either.  But wait.....I've a back up old one I used in the craft room.  So friends, those backups do come in handy.  At least the dryer died here instead of Cape May.
If that weren't enough, the 'ground' plug on my microwave broke off in the wall socket right after.  I didn't have a backup for that.
So off to the store I went this morning to get a new hair dryer and a new microwave.  Didn't think it would be smart to use the microwave without a ground plug and no handyman here to replace the plug.

Dorian is visiting Delaware, Maryland and Virginia today but things look good (right now) for travel across the ferry on Sunday  morning.  My heart goes out to families in the Bahamas and other areas hit when the hurricane was stronger.  Hope everyone along the eastern seaboard is safe.



  1. Have fun at your retreat. It is always good to have a backup

  2. Hate that you had to spend money on something besides

  3. Have fun,,,
    These things are sent to try us,,,
    Safe travels,,,

  4. Backups are a good idea! Glad you did not try to use your microwave without the plug. Have fun at your retreat! Janice


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