Saturday, November 9, 2019

Honey...... I'm Home

 Another fun class with Kris Miller.  I took a pattern for which I had no idea on colors.  So took my 'go to' colors of dark red, some greens, gold and light green mix for background.  Of course I purchased a few fat quarters of wool to add in the rug too, plus some for upcoming projects.  Kris did a wonderful job color planning it and am quite pleased with the results.  It isn't done yet but will be soon.

Here is Kris color planning a huge rug named Lucinda's Quilt.
Below in the foreground is my roomie and pal Deb.  In the background is Kris color planning a future rug named Knitting Sheep for Patty .  
This whale design is what Patty was working on in class.
On the other side of the room is a class being taught by Loris of The Wool Farm.
A must have (I have two) are those brushes ~ one stays by my side at home and one permanently with my rug camp gear to ensure I have it.  They are wonderful for brushing off wool dust and bits from the rug  you're working.  She also has great wool, so check out her etsy web site.
The empty seat is mine with project on the frame.  In the background is Renia on the left and Deb on the right.
Renia was hooking The Eyes Have It by Spruce Ridge.  She will finish this soon as there is only background to do.
Deb was working on Over the Moon also by Spruce Ridge but with changes to represent her daughter's dog.  I also have that pattern and bought some wool for it. 
Not sure when it will be on my frame as I may do Old Tom first as I purchased wool for the turkey from Kris too.  Uh, grabbed it right out of her hands.  Here is the hooked sample of Old Tom Kris brought.  The wool is in the body and wing section from just one piece of wool.
Cathy was working on a Sally Kallin design which I have long admired.
Was told the name of the rug below and designer but have forgotten.  It's coming along nicely.
My neighbor was hooking a Gail DuFresne sheep.  Kris showed us a technique to achieve that poofy top on the sheep.  She uses two different pieces of wool (similar value), pulls two loops at a time then separates the wool to make it appear curly.
Joanne's project, The Reverend ~ don't you adore that cat?  The Rev is hooked awesomely too.
Be still my heart!!  Tonya was hooking an antique adaptation of a sheep by Jan Cole but it was huge.  Makes me want to hook one too.
I previously showed this antique rug on my blog ~ described as Reclining Lamb made late 19th or early 20th century, original measured 23 x 41.
Pam brought a previously started rug on which she lost her rhythm.  Kris certainly went above and beyond the call of duty as a teacher to get Pam back on track.  
On the other side of the room in Loris' class was a gorgeous rooster being hooked by Peg.  Look at that wonderful border which when hooked looks like chicken wire.  WOW!
In addition to wonderful rugs in progress, one gets exposed to helpful tools when attending a rug camp or hook-in.  A few of the ladies had these wonderful carts.
And they collapse.
Tonya and Joanne were using cushions which both ladies claim makes a huge difference in their back and spine comfort.  So I will be making a purchase of one before next rug camp.
Now back to my regular diet as I've two new pounds to lose.  Happy Hooking.



  1. Oh some gorgeous projects! Love the effect of the "loopy" lamb. Glad you had fun.

  2. So many great rugs !!! Love the loopy hair for the lamb too !

  3. So many wonderful rugs! My favorite is the Sally Kalin ship pattern.
    In our neck of the woods, many of us use the folding wagons. They are so useful and hold so much. I recently purchased on of those gel cushions and they are a joy to sit on.
    Looking forward to actually seeing your rug.

  4. Good to see u back, saundra!
    Glad u had an inspiring week!
    What beautys,,,,
    The cushion sounds great!
    Take care,,,

  5. Some great rugs and glad you had fun. Look forward to seeing your rug. Janice

  6. Hi Saundra,
    Looks like a wonderful time and welcome home! Love seeing all the wonderful rugs that were being hooked and yours looks lovely, too! Thanks for sharing about the great "tools of the trade" too! Have a great week!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo


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