Friday, November 22, 2019

Some Favorite Oldies

I'm thinking of hooking another antique adaptation so will look thru some old rugs to consider.  

The Stag and Doe is one of them; notice the only color is the blue house with red chimney and red flower.  The rug was said to be hooked late 19th century or early 20th century.
Am still enamored with the antique rug below, again with bland colors.
The antique rug below does have some color and is one I've considered hooking before.
My latest love is this late 19th or early 20th century black face sheep.  LOVE it.
The rug below was listed on Skinner and described as a Panther 19th century, measuring 29 x 60 and sold for $1,968 despite it's damages.  Not sure exactly what draws me to this but I've liked it since finding it.
This whale rug below, most commonly known as Whale Hunt was listed on 1stdibs as hooked between 1830-1850 and sold for $28,000.  This project has been on and off my to hook list several times.  One day I'll get to it.
The Basket of Flowers interests me too but mainly for the hit and miss border.
Yeah, another horse rug I'm drawn to.
Could also do one of Magdalena's rugs I've not yet hooked.  Not sure what will be next but there's always Over the Moon ready to go. 

Saundra ~ 


  1. Like the Stag and Doe...but really, really like the Panther. There is something about it!
    I'm sure your decision will be a good one.

  2. What a fun bunch of antique rugs. I look forward to seeing which one you choose.

  3. What a wonderful group of expensive rugs! I am sure what ever you hook will be fabulous.

  4. The horse and deer caught my eye. Just lovely.Janice

  5. Always fun to see these,,, lovelys,,,
    My friend purchased a pattern at a hookin recently,,,
    No name,, on old burlap,,, she hopes to hook it on linen,,
    Will post it on out of hand group, to see if anyone recognizes it,,,

  6. Hard to choose with so many beautiful designs to choose from ! Can't wait to see what you pick !


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