Sunday, November 24, 2019

Third Time's a Charm??

Well even if the third try didn't succeed it's a done deal now as I've thrown away all those avocado pits and skins ~ probably at least a dozen.  And won't be saving any pits in the future.  Am done with the avocado dyeing but not with avocado eating.

Heated up the pits in water over and over since the previous attempt to get flesh tone.  Then realized there might be some pinky flesh liquid left from a flesh dye for Polly.  Did that when she was hooking and it turned out too pink and saved the liquid.  So put two tablespoons of it in the pot with the avocado liquid and here is outcome from THIRD and FINAL try.
This was the second try below.
And the first attempt.
There was incremental progress after each attempt but baby I'm over the avocado thing.  Even if I decide not to hook 3 Cousins in April at least I've a nice mellow flesh tone.

Last Sunday I spent several hours photographing Icelandic Lopi and a few patterns to list on eBay.  Yesterday I spent a few hours taking more photos and listing composition doll heads, doll pattern, vintage feed sacks and quilt patterns.  If nothing sells all that just might take a trip to the thrift shop.

Today think I'll do some sketching for the potential next project.  No, haven't decided what is next yet.  Still have one corner of Winter Bloom to hook and the remainder of Friendship Bells to bind.

Happy Sunday.



  1. Well, that dyeing experiment was the pits...pun intended.
    You once again need to refresh my mind as to what is your eBay seller ID. Not woodlandjunction as I always think it should!

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Lauren...that the dyeing experiment was the pits. However if you don't try something, you will never know if it would work or not, so kuddos for trying. I spent time this weekend hooking myself while watching Christmas movies. It was very relaxing. Janice

  3. I would have given up trying to dye & bought some wool already done !!! You should post your eBay address....would love to see the goodies you are selling !

  4. wow it came out great for what you want. Good luck with your ebay sales.

  5. Its fun to experiment ,,,, now you know ,,,
    Looks great,,,


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