Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Antique Rug show

Center flowering tree with deer in center, horses at corner and puzzle piece background.
Faded hooked family and pets from 1860.
The auction site said this was a dog and puppy from the 19th century but I cannot see the puppy very well.  The pup appears to be behind the dog.  Perhaps the underside of the rug shows the dog more prominently.  Dimensions are 25 x 37.
Home, bees and bee hive measuring 19 x 37.
It isn't considered an antique since it was hooked in 1950 but the design is an old Frost Sheep with scrolls design on burlap.  It is considered vintage and it IS lovely with that blotchy background I like.
I hooked the Frost Sheep with Scrolls in a class with delightful and talented lady Barb Carroll.
Landscape with Hen and Chicks with little use of color but does the job.  No date or dimensions were given.
Home with 4 hearts in corners; hooked between 1880 and 1890.
Don't know the actual hooked date but this commemorates The Last Dog Train to leave Lower Fort Garry 1909.
Kittens in a Basket located at the Bloomsburg Antique Show (thanks Kathleen). 
And here is a close up of the back with more true colors.
Seaside Cottages at the Beach was the description on the auction site.  It measures 18 x 35 and was hooked mid 20th century.
Happy Hooking.



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