Monday, November 11, 2019

My Camp Project Still In Progress

Was very lucky to find a pattern by Folk Art Landing on eBay for a song so purchased it even before seeing a finished sample.  Monica Jones has designed numerous wonderful patterns and while it was not something I'd normally hook, was inspired by the design.  And it was kinda small..ish.
After receiving the pattern I went in search for a photo of how Monica hooked it; here's the photo from her web site.
Hmm, I like purple but that purple hurt my eyes and the colors threw my focus off so had no clue how to hook it at camp.  

Most definitely I needed my trusty teacher Kris to help me at rug camp with MY colors.  So took my 'go to' colors and we worked with them plus some of her wool.

This is what my rug looks like now.  Still not sure if I'll make it into a BIG pillow or wall hanging in my living room.  
If you look closely you will see some creative liberties on design and color to suit my home.

Thanks Kris for your guidance and it is always fun to be in your class. 



  1. I love your colors as always.

  2. Love the pattern u chose,,,
    Andcwhat u did!
    Wow,,, looks great,,,,

  3. Love this pattern & the colors you are using looks so pretty !!!Will be beautiful !

  4. Your colours are just wonderful! Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  5. So glad you chose the colors you did. Was not fond of the original. Janice

  6. That rug is so not you, but it is gorgeous! You will be done in no time.


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