Saturday, November 16, 2019


This rug has been a work horse for 16 years at my kitchen sink.  The wool whipped edge has been done twice and is showing worn signs again.  So think it is time for Eat Crow to retire.  This is a design by Anne Hallet, I love and it will miss it at my sink after all these years.
That photo was taken tonight so you can see it is safe to use rugs on the floor.  There have been times when I've spilled something on it but since wool is very resilient have taken it immediately to the laundry room and cleaned it up.  

First thing I do is use a towel to step on and absorb whatever was spilled.  Then using warm water and a bit of mild soap wash the spot.  Then turn it upside down and let the wool dry.

This is the replacement rug ~ Lititz Hens which is a Magdalena Briner Eby antique adaptation.  It measures 20 x 40 so is a bit larger than Eat Crow.  
Lititz Hens will mellow even more with its use and only hope I'll be around another 16 years for this one to retire.  Meanwhile I'll enjoy these two 'new kids' in my kitchen.  Happy hooking.



  1. Sweet mat for ur sink!
    Wont show spills, lol,,,,

  2. I am surprised that with all your hooking that you don't change out your kitchen rug on a monthly basis... Love both of these rugs.


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