Monday, November 18, 2019

If at First You Don't Succeed Try, Try Again

Remember my last unsuccessful try at avocado dying?  This is what the before and after looked like then
So  I pulled out all the avocado pits and the skins and put them in a pot to try again.  This is before the water was heated numerous times during about 3 days.  There are about 10 pits and fewer skins.
This is the result.  Frankly it doesn't look much darker.
Someone commented previously that..."it looked like more trouble than it's worth".  That person was certainly right but thought using ALL the avocados would give me better results.  
Okay, truth be told I did have an intended use for the wool.  I was hoping to get it close to skin color.
There is a little pink in the skin but need for it to be beige too.  
Perhaps I should try putting the wool back in the pot with the remaining avocado juice but this time with a tooth pick of light pink in the pot. I'm thinking about hooking the 3 Cousins design in April with Cindy Irwin.  But that is about 5 months away and who knows how many times I'll change my mind about project by that time.


  1. This is what I learned with that dye weekend I went to the pits give u the pink the skins the brownish.
    Cute pattern

  2. Skin tones are hard to find! Good luck to you.

  3. Good luck with whatever you decide. Janice

  4. Everyone that dyes with these, they turn out differentcolors!
    Water is a big factor, ,,,
    Hope u get the color,,,


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