Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bella's Slideshow

Bella and I getting along wonderfully and it is as if this were her home all along.  We are still in the process of developing a schedule.  She is very good at listening and knows a 'sit' and easily goes into a 'down' position, and then she rolls over and wants her belly rubbed.

My initial thought was to have the crate in the kitchen.  But then re-thinking that decided to put it in the bedroom so that she can be contained during the night and be near me.  It might not be too long before I'll start trying to trust her closed in the bedroom with me during the night and not put her in the crate.  But since she hasn't been here a week yet will wait just a bit longer.

Terry and Diego of Majesty Rottweiler Rescue were very kind in giving me a slide show of the day Bella was adopted.  It is rather long but has certainly been fun for me to view it a few times.  Bella was put in a shelter because her homeless owner could not take care of her.   In the slide show you will see how she and I connected from the very beginning.  I went to the garage refrigerator to get bottled water for all of us and she wanted to be right with me ~ we really hit it off right away.

Bella is one sweet girl and we will get a little meat on those bones.  Two of my gal pals stopped by yesterday to meet her and they confirmed that she was a gentle, sweet girl who will learn fast.


  1. Hi Saundra it has so hot and humid the last couple days in California Yuk! I saw the slideshow of Bella. You can tell how happy Bella is in her forever home. Bella hit the Jackpot. Bella is such a sweety I am so happy she found a new family. Cheri

  2. Hi, I came across this post when I was searching for Rottie folkart images.
    I tried to see the slide show and found out that closed its doors on March 6, 2012 and is no longer available, oh well.
    Still very happy for you and Bella.
    We love Rotties and always had them and still do, we are on our no.4. - Teddy.


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