Thursday, July 13, 2017

Almost to the Finish Line

This pattern was started May 21st, the first day of camp at Barb's where I couldn't attend.  My initial plans were to hook on it during the camp time to be a part of the group since this was what I'd plan to hook with Barb then put it aside and work on it in intervals.  Something took over and it has been my focus since starting it.

Sadly wish I'd enlarged the Blue Jay drawing but no way in hell I'm pulling out loops and re-hooking it.  That will be my 'baby' Blue Jay.
As previously mentioned, this is a pattern by Woolley Fox to which I took creative liberties.  I removed an owl, swan, turkey and changed up some bird designs to suit myself.   The original pattern measured  35 x 43 but I lowered the feather and added about another 2" to the length so it will be 35 x 45 by the time I'm done.  

Oh, and I'll be quite glad when it's done so that I can move on.  For the life of me cannot understand how someone has the patience and fortitude to hook a room size rug.  That would be a lifetime commitment for me, hell, particularly at my age now, lol.

Have a great evening and hope you in this heatwave has a good working air conditioner.

S aundra


  1. I was glad to hear you say you were not pulling out that bluejay I feel like there are lots of times I should pull out but nope I move on.

  2. I love how the birds came out and the blue jay is too nice to pull out.


  3. Its almost there!! Looking great!!! You do big mats , to me,,, I do a few,,, not as much anymore!
    Though , do have a scrappy mat on the go , for my back door , whrn done,,, but its something I work on in between other smalls!!
    Take care,, kerp cool,,,,

  4. the blue jay is so perfect, glad you are keeping Mom would have loved this rug...

  5. Hi Saundra,
    You are sooooo close!!! Those birds are just adorable and the "baby" blue jay is really sweet! I think it makes him stand out more and he should since he is the smallest one in the group!!! Have you decided how you are going to bind this one? It is a really FUN rug!!!
    It is hotter than blazes out here right now so am very grateful our AC is working perfectly, 24/7!!!!
    Enjoy your day and stay cool!!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. I saw this rug at Barb's and it is BIG!! Congrats on almost being there. The size of the blue jay doesn't bother me. You have done a great job with all of those birds. Hot here, the 90s today. But, of course, it is the humidity that kills us. What would we do without a/c???

  7. Nothing is supposed to be perfect size in relation with other things so I think your Bluejay is just fine as is. Those feathers are really beautifully hooked.
    Hugs, Julia


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