Sunday, July 9, 2017

Back to My Rugs

By now you are all probably thinking...woman get this theme over with! Yet it was a request from a couple followers and must admit it is giving me time to work on this humongous Gossip rug and do yard work.

In 2011 I hooked a Karen Kahle pattern called Home Tweet Home since I like birds, have many bird houses and several feeders.
And another version on my harvest table.  What a difference an angle of the photo and lighting makes.
Was on a Karen Kahle theme that year because I also hooked her Tea Cozy.  I love the design and did make it into a tea cozy thinking it would sell at a show.  Now I wish that I'd been brave enough to make changes to shape and design like I do now.  I'd have made it into a mat with a border, maybe a tote?  But an upside down tote won't work now.
Sometimes you just need a little something small to work on between projects.  I'd purchased an old seat/stool decided it needed a pad so hooked this Star Hit and Miss chair pad for it.  My intentions were to make it smaller than the seat so some wood grain could be seen.
That same year, as a gift for sweet Barb Carroll me and my friend Deb each hooked a 'rubber ducky' chair pad for an 'inside' celebration to go with her outside rubber duckies.  Took this picture of it on my antique rocker at home before presenting it to her.
Here are the rubber duckies in Barb's koi pond.
And sweet Barb graciously hung them in her classroom.
That was the year I hooked two of E.S. Frost Sheep rugs.  One was hooked in a class with Lucille Festa and the one with the scrolls was hooked with Barb Carroll.

That was also the year when Yahookers was having their Sincerely Jane Rug Challenge based on the antique quilt by Jane Stickle.  Our efforts were published in a past issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.  This one I worked on a block at a time whenever, but did get it finished by deadline.
Also hooked Polly Minick's design Boy Pulling Wagon.  This photo shows a cool patriotic tape measure style rug binding which Polly gave me.
And last but not least was a design by Lori Brechlin of NotForgotten Farm of this cat in a shoe.  It was a design in one of her booklets.
Happy Sunday everyone.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    My goodness!!! You have hooked SO MANY WONDERFUL RUGS!!! Love how you hook both big and small and your subjects are so varied, too!! Love ALL of them, but those two sheep rugs have to be my favorites!!! All those rubber duckies just crack me up!! Your sweet mat matches perfectly!!! Thanks for sharing your rug hooking journey! Always so much FUN!!
    Enjoy your Sunday!
    Heart Hugs~

  2. I enjoy seeing all the rugs you've hooked year by many great rugs...glad to see the star chair pad...something to do with my worms...hugs to Ben!

  3. great rugs as always I do love that Frost sheep with the scrolls.

  4. Always love seeing the rugs you have hooked.


  5. Wow,,, saundra!! You sure have hooked alot of wonderful mats! Love them all,,, I did quite a few of karen kahle patterns,,, still love them very much,,,, thanks for sharing ur stories with us,,,, its funny how some rugs can bring back memories!! Like what was happening in ur life when u hooked something! Those mats are special to me and cant part with them!! Take care,,,,

  6. You are one busy hooker ! Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  7. Great rugs, all of them. I would say that I would have to choose the Frost rugs as my favorites.

  8. You must have a small fortune in hooked rugs. Do you have the insured?
    There are so many of them and they are all nice but my favorite has to be Home Tweet Home.


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