Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Oh My Stars

Have made a little more progress on my star quilt/spread and am going to ask my readers' advice on a couple things.  One would be the direction of the stars and the other would be if a solid strip should be sewn between the rows of stars.

On the origin quilt ALL of the stars were facing the same direction as shown below.  This was a 1998 catalog and now wish I'd ordered that king size quilt for $139 instead of my making one.  But I wanted a large star in the center and decided to make my own pattern.  So, Saundra, how's that workin' for ya?
This is what I've accomplished so far; there are other quilt blocks sewn together but not attached to the larger piece.  However, I've dozens more blocks to make yet.
Okay, my first question is on the direction of the stars.  If you look carefully at the corner closest to you the stars on the left are all facing the same direction while the bottom the quilt is facing another direction.  I'm wondering if that is the way I should continue (above).

Or if the stars should face as they are below.  Hmm, not that I'm looking at it on my computer perhaps the photo above is the way it should be. But would still love your input.
The other question on  my  mind is whether or not I should put a dividing strip between the rows as with the photo above as well as the one below.  
OR.... if the blocks should just be sewn together and depicted below?
Here is another view of the quilt on my bed.  I started out sewing the stars with the top point toward the center.  Then noticed when getting to the corners it required for the quilt block to be facing one direction or the other.  look at the photo below which shows the far right blocks are a different direction than the stars on the sides.  So which way should those two face?
Or, perhaps I should use my seam ripper and make all the stars facing downward from the top to match the center block.  So quilt aficionados, would love your input.  

BOOHOO, over night I lost 5 followers.  Is it because I've only been posting every other day lately?  Is it because I've started writing about quilts instead of all rug hooking?  Whatever is the reason I'm losing my followers it makes me sad.

Happy Wednesday everyone.



  1. Love your stars !!! If you want the quilt to be larger, the dividing strips would help , I think it makes the rows of starts stand out more too. I like the stars all facing the same direction, with the top point facing towards the middle . My Mother was an amazing quilter ..... I loved to watch her hand stitch every quilt piece & hand stich perfectly spaced tiny stitches around each piece. We would lay out all the colors & pieces til we got the colors & design just perfect . Sorry to hear you are loosing followers, maybe its Blogger ????

  2. Hi Saundra, I'm of the same opinion as NMK. Your quilt will look beautiful. I made a king size applique tulip quilt for the spare bed and I quilted it by hand and even though my fingers felt like a live pin cushion, I enjoyed every stitches.
    I have it somewhere on my blog.

    I finally got my ability to post on my blog and got my old email and reading list and contacts but what a difficult job. Finally my computer whiz daughter Christine figured out how to get it back. Maybe other followers are having the same problem as me with Google asking that I change my email and password. I was getting the go around. I have tons of catching up to do.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. I personally like the stars either totally mixed in all directions. More primitive looking. Just my opinion. Since you already have most of them going the same way in each row, I would face them all the same way.

  4. Whatever you choose will be great!!!
    Hugs :)

  5. Your quilt is scrappy so I think your stars can go in any direction. If you add stashing strips you will have less blocks to make...just a thought.

  6. I like the stars all facing the same way, the other makes my eyes buggy, lol.
    If you didn't have the two rows at the bottom, then you could go around, but I think having two rows facing one way and the sides coming in at an odd number, throws it off to me. But I love how it looks, great pattern and fabrics.


  7. I am the last one to ask about quilting I can not sew a straight line.
    On don't worry about losing followers you never know they may have stopped blogging. I use to get upset thinking they didn't like me but who knows. Just keep being you I love your blog

  8. Looks great!! Love them the same way,, especialky on a bed!! Its gorgeous, , love it!
    I started grandmothets flower garden years ago,, english paper piecing,,,, hand work,,, must get it out,,, dont know if it will be a 1uilt now or tablecloth!!! Sorry u lost some people! I enjoy ur blog so much,, thanks for sharing,,,

  9. I prefer the stars facing down with the burgundy check strip between the rows. Everyone has an opinion. Do whatever makes you happy and quit fretting, just finish. This is me, the queen of UFOs offering


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