Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Maryland Shores Rug Show

In April I had 4 of my hooker gal pals here for a hook-in, and we all went to Woolley Fox together in May.  We coordinated the visit to be the time when MD Shores Rug Camp was gathering so we could visit the rug show and buy from the rug store.

Here are just a few of the many beautiful items which were at the show.  And of course I gravitate toward the more primitive or antique adaptations.  The one below is a Woolley Fox pattern called Ligonier Duo.

Wow, this proddy geometric certainly looks plush and mighty comfy to put your feet on.  I've always wanted to do a fleece proddy for my bathroom  I think that if it were hooked on cotton rug warp it would be easy to dry and keep clean.  That's another of those rugs I have in my head to hook one day.
I have done one narrow cut of my departed rottweilers and never plan to do another narrow cut, but I sure do have an appreciation for the work involved and the realism it can achieve.  This is a beauty peering out behind the foliage.

And a sheep proddy pillow that was for sale but don't know if it was eventually sold that day or not, I believe this was hooked by Sarah Province. 
And then we have two versions of a Karen Kahle design.

This one is whimsical and cannot remember who hooked it, sorry.
The one below is titled Gemstones and was hooked by Eric Sandberg.  He had it for sale and someone snapped it up.  It really is an interesting and happy rug.

The rug below was hooked by Sarah Province and was a picture she took from her backyard, if I got the information correct.

There was much more eye candy to behold at the show, but figured I wouldn't give you sensory overload in this one posting. 


  1. Thanks for showing us the beautiful rugs. When a friend and I started hooking we chose the same pattern and just like the rugs you showed they were so diffrent

  2. Saundra ~
    Thank you for sharing!
    Hugs :)

  3. Such beautiful work! Thanks for posting.


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