Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back to the Sheep

Oh it felt so good to pull some loops on my Frost Sheep rug.  OH, and I've been referring to it as my E.S. Frost sheep but will need to do more research because maybe it is really a Robert Sands Frost design. 

Anyway, I've plenty that I could do around here, like vacuum, dust, or even organize my wool room.  But hey, it will still be there tomorrow so yesterday I decided to play.  Here is what I achieved so far....

I think that I mentioned my plan was to take a different soft dark wool and do some directional hooking.  You can see it at the chest area in the middle of the rug.  I plan to do the same in an area behind the sheep so that it looks like I needed something to fill in on the middle of the rug.

On antique rugs you will often see areas in a rug where blocks of different color are hooked in.  I'm sure it was because the hooker ran out of what she'd planned for the background and just had to wait until something suitable became available.  You can see an example below in this antique hooked rug where the hooker introduced the lighter wool upward to make the transition softer on the eye.

In the picture below there is another example where there were approximately 4 different background colors, but they were placed in such a way to make it work and have an endearing effect. 

Well, I still have a couple dolls to finish and the tea cozy to assemble before my July 9th show.  I am dragging my feet but will have to knuckle down and do a little more work so play time might be over temporarily.

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