Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wash Day Gone Bad

I looked at the weather forecast this morning and saw there would be rain later this evening and then for several days in a row with this front coming. Normally I don't go this long before doing laundry but I've been working on the rabbits, drawing patterns, cutting grass and enjoying pulling loops on my sheep rug. But, since my 'underoos' were getting a little low and had gathered a fair amount of other light colored laundry thought I had better do a load today so it could hang dry (but towels go in the dryer).

Hmmm, I had this new IZOD top that I'd worn briefly twice...wash or not wash? I hadn't worn it long enough to get dirty..... heck...  I'll wash it.  It is an adorable almost tie dye effect with darker pink at the bottom of the sleeves and hip area then it gets sorta whitish and then pink. Sorta like you'd expect a DIP DYE piece of wool to look like ~ which I'm sure is what attracted my attention to purchase it in the first place.
Now, IZOD is not a cheap brand. It didn't say 'hand wash' so figured it would be good to toss into the light wash.Okay, so maybe I should have known better because I know that reds bleed.  But thought I might like to use it before doing the dark laundry and didn't really want to do hand washing of anything right now (lazy).
Wash cycle all done and I open up the washer.  Oh my GAWD!  It looked like I dumped an envelope of pink Cushings dye in the washer.  So I immediately did another wash and poured in some bleach. It went thru the entire second cycle. Unfortunately not even the amount of bleach I put into the washer turned anything truly white.
So thought ~ OKAY, I'll hang it out in the sun and the sun will bleach it... NOT. So now I have a sizeable drawer full of 'underoos', a collection of pink logo and designer knit shirts, light pink towels and wash cloths and even two pair of formerly white NICE brand name cotton Capri's pants. OY!!!!!
Here is the culprit..... isn't it cute?  Should have washed it by hand or in with the darks.  You'd think I'd have listened to my mama's voice in  my head ....lesson learned.


  1. Darn! I bet next time you will listen to Mama's little voice in your head!
    Hugs :)

  2. There is a product on the laundry aisle in the grocery store. It is called "Color Catcher" by Shout. You throw it in with the wash, and it collects the loose dye. Sorry about your laundry today!

  3. Hmmm....I don't know but I kinda like the way it looks!!

  4. I hate that! I usually find a red sock that got missed that turns everything.


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