Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Snapdragon back in operation

Oh boy, I can now play with my new toy (the Bee Creek floor frame) and have my Snapdragon back home and in operating condition.  A few weeks ago I posted that my Snapdragon yoke and base had holes too large to accommodate the smaller ball head of the floor frame.  My Snapdragon was the prototype for future ball swivel floor stands and I provided the folks the dimensions of my ball so they could make a Snapdragon to fit my swivel floor stand.  I was scared that since they were 'custom making' my frame that the price would be above and beyond the price they were costing.  But they assured me that my cost would be the same as the others since the more types of frames they could offer the hooking community, the better. 

Then later comes along this great sturdy floor stand by Bee Creek (a/k/a Ks Creations) and since they were flying off the shelves decided to make their Snapdragons with a smaller opening.

So, I sent my Snapdragon back to the Snapdragon People (Sue Lauersdorf) and for a reasonable fee they replaced the base, a new yoke, replaced the corner fittings and screws and reshaped the paddles.  Oh..... and a new warranty.  Of course I was given back the old yoke, base and corner fittings and have them if I ever need them again.  But I am one happy hooker now so I can use my new toy and have my Snapdragon back.

You can see the Snapdragon and frame in the center, behind that on the sofa is my Frost Sheep design and to the left is my loyal companion Shadow keeping vigil out the front window to be sure no one enters without sounding her alarm.  Now, if only I could find the time to hook as long per day that I used to; summer yard work has certainly interfered with my hooking time. 


  1. Hi Saundra, Looks great. I have several rug frames too.Have fun in the yard. Cheri

  2. I use a purtain frame and my husband made my stand. I love it.I don't think I could hook without a stand now.


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