Sunday, June 19, 2011

Work, work work and little play

I have been a very busy girl these past few days.  Finally shipped the two Edward Tulane rabbits this week and it was quite a task to make both of them so quickly since all I really wanted to do was work on the sheep rug.  But, making and selling the rabbits helps subsidize my wool addiction.

The pair of rabbits was purchased by a woman in Houston, TX; one for herself and one for her girlfriend who has a birthday on June 28th.  Both women are elementary school teachers and read the book The Miraculous Adventures of Edward Tulane to the students during the school year.  Now the children in each classroom will have a 36" Edward Tulane to hold and make the story more vivid and realistic in their minds as they travel a mental picture of the stories about Edward which unfolds with each reading.

Then of course there is yard work and since I cannot afford to have lawn care done it is up to me to cut the grass, trim the trees, pull the weeds, etc.  Therefore, what green grass and weeds that weren't dried up had to be trimmed because the yard was looking a little unkempt even with the brown spots.

Also, I have a craft show on July 9th so have been working on dolls, made some more hooked flower pins and getting ready to finish up my tea cozy.  Not sure if I really want to sell the tea cozy, guess it depends on how I fall in love with it and if it will fit over my toaster as I don't have a tea pot.

But today I am relaxing and hooking on my E.S. Frost sheep rug again and enjoying every loop.  So maybe tomorrow I'll have a more current picture of the sheep rug.  Hmm, and not sure what I want to start working on after this is done.  Which brings up a thought..... and a question to you out there...... do you always have another rug just waiting to be hooked when you finish the one you're working on? 

Frankly, I have 3 hooking projects going oops, 4.  I have the Sincerely Jane challenge piece, the sheep, a couple years ago I started a geometric which I use only worms on and haven't had it out to hook on in months, and then I have a smaller piece that I take to hook on only when I do shows or give demonstrations because it is small and no hurry to finish it.  But then I'll need to prepare myself for my next project once this sheep is done and check wool colors, etc.  I'll need to fill the hooking time (relaxing time) on something  before I go to Cape May in September where I'll start another rug.  There are lots of patterns in my wool room to choose from but guess it will depend on what strikes me at that time.  Seems my moods or interests change ~ I might be enthusiastic to hook a certain design this week but next week do a totally different rug.


  1. well you are busy no I do not have another project to start on. I have not done much hooking to busy being outside when it stops raining,
    love the rabbits

  2. Saundra ~
    My next rug is always a problem since I totally suck at color planning!!!
    Hugs :)


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