Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cape May Here I come

Lemme tell you that I am psyched about rug camp.  I get this way not matter how many times I go to a rug camp or even if it is the same one I attend year after year.  It is like I'm a kid waiting for Santa.....can't go to sleep because of the excitement..... Santa won't come until I do go to sleep.  Oh my what a delimma

So I leave early tomorrow morning and my vehicle is partially packed ~  oops, but I still need to print out my 'camp list' to be sure I've include every thing I need.  Finally did a rug camp to share with my gal pals so we wouldn't forget who was to bring what.  And of course each one of us has our own person things....cell phone, camera, supplies.

For those of you who have not gone to the Rugs by the Sea rug camp, which is organized by Norma Batastini, it is wonderful.  There are two weeks of camp which has classes two separate weeks.  Some teachers, such as Bev Conway, teach both weeks. 

We stay in a Victorian hotel named the Chalfonte which has a fantastic history and the food is magnificent.  Since it is a Victorian hotel there are some human comforts which aren't available... elevators, telephones or TV in every room.  But if you need those there are other sleeping accommodations available in Cape May and you could be a commuter.

Here is a hooked rug which depicts the Victorian Hotel from the front view.  This a design by Bev Conway and she has another version from the side. 

There are rocking chairs lined up in the front and side where hookers sit and chat away during the afternoon and until the sun sets.  And when the horse drawn carriages take tourists around you can hear the driver saying they are 'hookers' in town for the week and we wave and they laugh.

So here I am putting this on my blog and I've still got to finish my suitcase (was waiting to see what the weather required) and to finish loading up my vehicle so I can get an early start to the Lewes/Cape May ferry in the morning. 

Oh, I can't wait until Santa finally gets here.

Have a good several days pals..... see ya when I return.

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  1. Oh my what a wonderful time your going to have!Take pictures,Cheri


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