Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Here are a couple pictures of the show-n-tell we do at Cape May so each of the students from all 4 teachers can see what everyone has been working on.  This is really exciting because you get to see patterns you may not be aware of and various color combinations or techniques you may wish to find out about.  The teachers were Kris Miller, Judy Quitman, Cindi Gay and Bev Conway.  My roomie Deb, friend Char and I took a class with Kris Miller. 

This is the cutest design called "Glad Tidings" a pattern offered by Spruce Ridge Studios which was the rug my roomie Deb was hooking.  What I thought was awesome was the metallic ribbon like yarn she hooked for the buttons, the cord or chain on the horn and the bell on the hat.  It gave it a little shine as if it was a bell on the hat and metal for the buttons and chain.  Really cool, so then of course I had to go to the yarn shop in Cape May and pick up a ball of it for myself for when the urge hits me to have something special like that for me.

I saw several rugs that I would love to hook myself but I've already got my rug for the November class with Lucille Festa chosen as well as the next rug class next May with Barb Carroll.  And I've several designs here on linen that I want to hook between classes ~ don't we all?

In addition to having a real rug show during the week and is offered for the community to visit as well, but we students have a rug 'throw down' where we look at what each of us has been working on during the week.  On this side of the front yard at the Chalfonte is where Kris Miller and Judy Quitman's students placed their rugs.  

And on this other side is where Cindi Gay and Bev Conway's students placed their rugs for show-n-tell.  It just happens that way since that part of the real estate is closest to the room where their classes were held. 

There are more rug pictures to come later as I want to show you something our friend Char is working on as well as some finished rugs. 


  1. Saundra ~
    How lucky that you got to attend the camp. Glad Tidings is very cool. I look forward to seeing more!
    Pug hugs :)

  2. How exciting! I love the photo's of what everyone is doing. What a group of hookers . It looks like so much fun.Cheri


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