Monday, September 26, 2011

Show-nTell at Cape May

The other day I showed you a couple pictures from the rugs in progress which were started at Rugs by the Sea camp in Cape May and here are a few more.  Another cool thing about going to a camp and having this rug 'slap down' is that you get to see designs you may not know about, and what is even more fun is to see the the way different people are hooking the same design and in colors of their personal taste.

And, most, if not all of them were hooked using #8 or #8.5 strips.  Now, perhaps in a flower center, eye, button, etc., the size might have reduced to accommodate the small area.  But it was funny to hear Kris say, "#8.5 is the new #8" and I totally agree with her.  When I went from using a #8.5 back to the #8, the #8 seemed more like a #6 strip.

I really like this design called Pumpkin Tyme, it is design based on the art work of Lori Brechlin of NotForgottenFarm and offered by Spruce Ridge.  There were 3 different people hooking that design and it was really fun to see the color choices.  

Here is a second version:

And then a third version of the same design.
I thought these colors were nice and notice the Ram's head handles on the pot.  Mighty interesting look.  And for the life of me cannot remember the designer, sorry.
I also liked the colors in this floral pattern entitled "NotForgotten Flowers", by you know who.... Spruce Ridge.  When I saw this one and the next one in class it was a toss up as to which I would want to buy and hook next.

This is a cute design too; I like the color choices and the design.  It is called Emma's Garden and is another design offered by Kris Miller at Spruce Ridge Studio.

Yes, there are still more 'in progress' rug pictures that I took but it will be more fun to see them all finished at rug camp so you will be able to see a finished piece this time next year.

I've had a couple people inquire as to how the hidden message was accomplished in Bev Conway's wedding rug.  Well tomorrow I'll try to explain it to you.  I tried it on my log cabin rug and so far only have my initials in but can take a picture of that tomorrow and explain how it works. 


  1. Hi Saundra, I love these designs.They look primitive but wool cut are they using? The detail is great.

  2. Thanks for the question and I've updated the info on my blog. Most pieces, if not all, were hooked in either #8 or #8.5.

  3. I just love Lori's designs! Good to see all these rugs!

  4. Thanks for sharing. Love seeing someone else's work. Look forward to your explanation of the hooking a hidden message.


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