Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yup, even more rugs from Cape May

Okay, I have to admit to being a wide cut primitive hooker.  I have done narrow cut and have proved that I can do it but my heart is with the olde looking (some say ugly and dark) rugs that I was used to seeing in the former and good Country Living magazines and often in the Early American Life magazine. 

Anyway.......while my love of primitive wide cuts is my favorite, I do truly appreciate the work involved with narrow cuts and orientals.  It takes a lot of work with the shading, color design and hooking.  So the appreciation is there.  So now I'm going to show you some rugs that are diverse and the creativity of some of these hookers just took my breath away.

Here is a rug called Mountain Mama.  Can you see the image of a woman in the mounds of the mountain?  Now THAT is creativity!!  Wish I had some of that.

And my dear dear friend Char ~ the same one who did the Wedding Rug with the tree.... this is her original design entitled "Full Beaver Moon".  The story behind it is that each November the area where she and her husband have a cabin, the owners can put out traps for beavers.  As you can see there is the full moon behind the beaver, the shadow of the beaver and then the moon shining on the earth on the sides.  It has teeth and toes made of femo.  Let me tell you this is one very talented woman.  Why she hangs around with me I have no clue because I do not have that kind of creativity in my bones.

This next one I thought was extremely creative and could use up wool strips we all collect from our scrap basket.  Uh, except I don't think that I am creative enough to make something this well executed either.  This was done by Judy Quitman which I'm guessing was a challenge of sorts with a group she belongs to because of the name "Scrap Challenge".

And this one was very interesting as well.  For some reason I'm intrigued with the Mola's.  Perhaps it is because my friend Deb introduced me to the real thing and now maybe I could do it in a hooked piece.  My pal Deb has real Mola prints hanging in her studio and when I go there I just walk by and enjoy every piece and the work it involved.

The rug below is a Karen Kahle design Flower Box.  I love that rug and have hooked it but in more primitive (okay, dark) colors.  I enjoy seeing it every day as I walk from the kitchen to my computer room.

This one was started in a class with Kris Miller last year by Jeri Livingston and I was looking forward to seeing the finished project since it is a free pattern in a Polly Minick book that I have.  As you can see it was incorporated with fur locks.  You could write Kris at to find out what was used as she had different locks providing critters which could have produced this look.   And, since it is just about that time of year thought I'd post it here to get you thinking about gifts to give or to hook for yourself. 

And....yes, there are more rugs that I haven't posted yet but I need to keep you coming back for more and don't want to bore you with numerous rugs which you eventually don't even notice.


  1. Saundra ~
    I have never hooked with anything smaller than an 8 cut (and have no desire to), but I am in awe of fine cut hookers!
    Thanks for the great rug show and I look forward to more. I don't think I would have noticed the woman in Mountain Mama.
    I don't believe for a second that you are not creative!!!
    Hugs :)

  2. Saundra,
    Remember me asking you to draw up a Polly Minnick pattern for me? Well, that one of the Santa Claus is the one I was talking about. Do you have the book with the pattern? Somewhere I have it but it's packed away.

    Get with me and let's see what we can do. Okay?



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