Thursday, September 8, 2011

LEE, what the heck????

Here I was scared out of my wits when Irene made her uninvited appearance so I was not worried about Lee at all.  Well, lemme tell you Lee is a menace and have had rain the last three days and torrential rains all afternoon.  It is also supposed to rain tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. 

Things from the backyard have been floating down my driveway, the overflow hole at my fish pond is covered with water and with water up to my knees in the back yard it is over the bottom of the entrance to my crawl space.  And all this after spending a few thousand dollars to have a 'conditioned crawl space' so no humidity builds up to cause rotting and termites.  I can assure you that water has seeped in there.

I don't know just how much more rain it will take before it starts coming into the garage and then into the house.

Here is a picture of what it looks like just outside my garage door.

And, here is a picture of what it looks like to the right of my fish pond.  And notice how the framing around the bird feeders is floating away and would have except it was around the poles so can only float so far. 

Now, if you want to see what it looked like before, scroll back to my last post to check out that very same tree, the same homemade seat at the tree and the bird feeders. 

Some neighbors cannot enter the community because there is a few feet of water at the entrance to the development..... uh, which means I also cannot get out.  I can only hope FIRST.... that water does not come into my home and SECOND hope the water recedes at the development (even with the rain tonight, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday) that I will be able to leave on Sunday for the rug camp in Cape May, NJ. 

Sure has been a couple testy years as far as weather....drought, flooding, two years of bad snows.   But I have my hooking to keep me calm and as soon as I go walk my neighbor's Rottweiler (since the rains have subsided temporarily) that is what will soothe my nerves.

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  1. Hi Saundra, I think I missed a hurricane.Whose Lee? Wow that's horrible all that water. Mother nature is being a pain lately.Cheri


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