Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sincerely Jane Update

When I joined the Rughookers Yahoo challenge we were to post an updated picture the first of each month to show our progress and provide an opportunity for discussion and questions.  Well, I'm a couple days late in posting my picture on the group but thought I'd also post a picture here.  Perhaps Jane-HO will visit my blog and see what I've done in the way of hooking it whereas she is taking on the endeavor of quilt piecing the entire Jane Stickle quilt ~ whew!

As previously mentioned I've chosen a small size rug for me to hook but other rug hookers have taken on a humongous task of making a bigger hooked rug using more, if not all the squares in the quilt.  There were a couple different ways I'd thought of doing the border; could have been a hit and miss rows of hooking around a 2" border, thought of having a beauty line and a solid dark border, then decided to do the triangles and have it lean toward the semblance of the original Jane Stickle cone shape border.  One think I knew for sure was that it would not have hooked scallops because that would be a nightmare to bind.  So here is my rug thus far.

It will be quite interesting to see the final results of all the hooked rugs when the challenge comes to a close in April 2012. 

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