Monday, September 5, 2011

My Woodland Deer

Oh but I do love to watch the deer that roam my property and keep buckets of water for them during the drought.  Problem is that I get absolutely nothing done when they are within my eyesight.  They have such small faces and huge ears for hearing that they look imbalanced on such a delicate head.  So since my deer mean so much to me it made sense that I should hook the pattern Woodland Deer by the same name as my address (a Woolley Fox pattern).

I took a picture of the rug with a flash and one without flash.  This picture with the flash sorta washes out the true color while the one without a flash is somewhat dark.

So the other day I threw out a couple boxes of old cereal thinking my birds might enjoy a different menu.  Much to my surprise my deer decided to come up and enjoy the meal themselves.  These pictures were taken just outside my bedroom window so they are close but 3 are behind the tree.  But the youngster is getting even closer after having munched on cereal as well.

The fawn with the spots must have heard the camera or perhaps there was a reflection of the metal from the camera but I froze fearing it would bolt and take the other 3 deer with it and wanted to enjoy this scene a little longer.

After a bit of a snack my woodland deer moved into the wooded area but they will be back as they know this is a safe place for them to visit.  Ahhhhh, I sure do enjoy my nature.

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