Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Avocado Dye Results

Ah, I've learned that it was on Alice's Folk Art Primitives Blog where I originally saw the avocado dying.  Guess I didn't go back far enough into the archives of the blogs I went looking in.  And, Alice told me she used vinegar as the mordant whereas I used alum which was in the google search I did.  Alice said hers turned out nicely.

There was still color in the pot after a long simmer with the alum, perhaps I should have done what Alice said she did ~ which was to let the wool soak overnight.  Well, I didn't, so after the water cooled the wool was rinsed and spun dry.

These are the results of the dye with avocado pit experiment.  The thinner strips of wool were white white and the other is the color of the wool under the dye experiment.

So you ask, would I ever do it again?  Well, maybe; but I've got to start collecting avocado pts again and next time I'll do what Alice did.  And, next time maybe I'll try vinegar instead of alum.  I was looking for a flesh and flesh is what I got. 


  1. Hi Saundra I love avocado's but never heard about dyeing the seeds. Those are huge seeds. Good job.It's fun to dye I have pomegranites next I am going to use for dye. Cheri

  2. Saundra ~
    I think the wool came out great. Maybe not what you were expecting, but great nonetheless.
    Hugs :)

  3. This looks like good flesh color on my computer. I think you should try it again!

  4. They look good, Saundra!!! Mine turned out a variety of flesh colors, too ~ which I think is a good thing!!! Do it again!! It will be different every time!


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