Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What in the world is wrong with BLOGGER????????

For days I have been unable to post because it says my browser won't work and to download the Google one.  Well I did but then was unable to get access to the tool bar as it was half covered up with the text box area.  But, I was unable to type any text even with I clicked on the top part of the tool bar that I could see.

Then I opted out and wanted the old interface back and try as I may to provide them feedback on what was wrong, after I sent the message I got an OOPS, error message so even that doesn't work.

AND, I see (as of right this minute) it says I have NO followers.  There aren't just missing on the page, it says I have NO followers and "you can be the first"  Say what??????

I recently pondered buying Apple stock or Google stock.... I went for Apple stock and am thinking that was a smart decision.

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