Monday, October 31, 2011

Sincerely Jane Update

It is that time when we participants post an updated picture of our Sincerely Jane Challenge rug on and thought I'd post it here first.  For those who are following my blog you saw the post where I wanted to change a border rectangle at the top of the rug.  Well, I sure am glad that was done because it seems to flow better now.

When taking on the challenge I wondered if I would do a darker background, do a vaariety of different colors in each square to replace the natural or just how to go about color planning.  My decision was to try and follow Jane Stickle with the natural background and sashing throughout.  Yes, it isn't very creative on my part as for a 'challenge' but I sure did like what Jane originally did so decided to follow her lead.

When first joining the challenge I was concerned that maybe it wouldn't be completed in time and I'd look like a slacker ~ I tend to hook on my camp rugs first.  But just because they are only 4 1/2" squares, once one is completed you feel as though there has been a great accomplishment and one more step to the end.  Plus the fact that the rug was designed by me (using Jane's square designs) but was up to me to select the number of squares I wanted in the rug to determine size and shape.  So what's not to like about this great challenge.

Be looking for the official give away post of Heavens to Betsy wool .... coming up in a day or so.


  1. Every time I read you blog, I just want to haul myself over to your house for a little mini-lesson on hooking! I'll bring the treats!! I'm having fun following the progress of this rug!

  2. Saundra ~
    Can I come when Courtney comes? I'll bring the wine!
    Hugs :)

  3. Hey gals, you're welcome for sure! I usually host a hook-in with my other gal pals in April when it coincides with the rug camp an hour away from me. That way we gals can hook away, have fun and play for days and then take advantage of the rug show, the rug camp store and not pay the big bucks for the event itself or the classes.

  4. you guys are so lucky your back east! I am going hooking friday with a couple friends. I was reinspired with Georgia visiting from Pennsylvania. Have a happy Halloween. Cheri


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