Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hooked Halloween Witch

A few days ago I enjoyed seeing some hooking projects others were doing and one happened to be a hooked witch.  So I've decided to share a picture of my hooked face witch.

Well okay...... we've got a problem Houston.  This picture was right side up before I posted it here on my blog.  Now, perhaps my camera was originally turned sideways to capture the picture, then I opened it up with the Paint program, cropped it and put it right side up.  But when I saved it to the flash drive in a file folder it was fine.  Not so when I post it here tho. 

Since I'm fairly new at this blogging thing, perhaps there is a way for me to change direction of the photo.  Someone tried to help me before and she thought it was because I didn't click 'save' before publishing the post.  But I can't even get it turned upright in order to click the save now feature.

I'd love to hook some seasonal mats for the November and December season but since there is already a few UFOs going on plus in November I'll be taking a class with Lucille Festa and will start yet another new rug.  So with the numbers climbing on UFOs think I've plenty to keep me busy.


  1. Saundra, You're witch turned out super cute!

  2. Love the little witch! I have another Halloween pattern and a Tom Turkey pattern waiting in the wings...will it be Christmas before I get to them?

  3. Love your witch - and it's okay she's sideways - I just turned my head!


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