Saturday, October 29, 2011

Log Cabin Rug and Bev's signing technique

I have mostly background and border left to do on the log cabin rug, plus the small sheep.  But since the sheep is hooked using Icelandic Lopi I'll wait until I get more of the background and border done on the top right before hooking it.

There is just a week left before going to a rug camp with Lucille Festa so I'll be scrambling to finish the hooking on this one this week.  Will take it to work on the night before class at the hotel and it will also provide something for me to do until Lucille makes her way to me for color planning my camp rug.  It is always nice to have something to do while waiting for a teacher as we hookers cannot be idle ya know... must keep those hooks moving.

Here is what has been hooked up to now.

And, just could be that I have enough of the background color after all.  The background wool is folded with 5 layers so is looking like a real close fit. 

The  mystery was solved about the background wool purchase.  Was informed by Erica at Heavens to Betsy that it was a wool they carried before starting to send out flyers.  So it was wool that I purchased from Barb during her sale-a-thon last May when I was at Woolley Fox.  So Betsy has no more of it and Barb was having a sale to make room for new wool so am sure she has no more of it either.  But if I do run out I'll just pull out random strips and put in something that would blend in ~ no problem since I have experience doing that little trick in other rugs.

When I knew that I wanted to hook a log cabin and saw Betsy's same Mr. Ed it just spoke log cabin to me so ordered some and that was what is used for the cabin, the roof is Jinx and as you can see there is a difference between that and the dark background; well yes, that thin grayish line does help divide the two as well, but I did want a dark roof since it is night time.  So, yesterday I wrote to Heavens to Betsy to find out if they have any more of the "Jinx" and "Mr. Ed" wools before I mentioned them.  Didn't want you to write and order some only to find out they had no more left.  Erica did say the yardage was limited on Mr. Ed tho.

Remember when I told you of the signing technique that Bev Conway developed?  Well if you look at the front of my rugs you do not see any date or my initials at all.  But when it is flipped over you can see the date and initials clearly.  After it is all hooked and steamed flat it will show up much better I'm sure.

Yes, it does take a little more effort and don't think I'll make a practice of signing my rugs this way, but it was fun to experiment so that when I see Bev at Cape May next September can tell her I got it to work just fine.

Oh, in case you're wondering, I drew the design twice.  Since I didn't like the way I drew the trees and leaves the first time I flipped the linen over and drew it all over again.  I did try changing the drawing by using a different color Sharpie but it just got looking too sloppy.


  1. Your design and log cabin rug is truly beautiful. Lovely work. Hugs Judy

  2. Loving this rug! It's looking great. Neat trick with the signing in the backing...however did you do that?! It's always a pleasure to have you walk us through a rug!!

  3. Saundra ~
    I'm lovin' your rug! So what rug are you going to start at camp? She had some wonderful patterns at the biennial.
    Hugs :)

  4. Hi Saundra, Thanks for including us in your learning experiences in hooking. I love your cabin and the way you explain how your making your rug. Have a great weekend, Cheri

  5. Thanks to all of you for your positive comments. And for those of you who did not see the previous post on how to achieve the Bev technique, look back thru the September posts by the same name. I go into more detail on how the technique is performed.

  6. What a great technique for those of us who don't want initials on the front. Checked out the Sept. posting. Thanks for sharing for those of us who cannot make Camp May. I shared a link here on our hooking group's new blog - Maine Tin Pedlar - - under How To.


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