Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sadly Missing ATHA

All of my close hooking buddies are attending ATHA in Lancaster and I'm not there, sadly.  Since I was at Cape May in September and going to another camp in November there was no way I could afford to have someone care for Ben and me spend money on camps three months in a row.  Wish I had the financial resources to do that but don't.

Anyway, my gal pals are keeping me informed on what happens during the day and what they buy.  And Deb (my friend) who I will see in November has purchased some wool for me and a tee shirt!!!!!!!!!  She even commented when she sent these pictures, that she knew I'd kill her if she didn't pick up one for me too.  And she is right!  So my dear gurlfren picked up one for me and I'll get it early November and wear it with pride. 

This is the front.

This is the back.

Here we go again with the photo thing.  Both of these pictures were straight up and perfect when I retrieved them from my photo file.  So now I have no way of correcting the positioning that I am aware of.  But, guess you can get the drift of what the shirt looks like.

Woolley Fox is selling these tee shirts and has a booth which also has Evelyn Lawrence showing the Magdalena rugs.  Man-O-man.... wish I'd seen Evelyn's rugs in person all at once.  I've seen them when on display at Cape May each time she accomplished one but to see them all together at one time must be mind boggling.

I'm envious of all who visited, participated in classes and enjoyed this wonderful event.  And, cannot wait to read every one's blog with pictures and stories.


  1. Love the T-shirt! And I love the fact that I have to lie down to see the pictures! LOL I could use a good nap! I wonder why you can't post pics right side up! Makes me want to be more of a techie!

  2. I too love the T shirt,I wish I was there!

  3. I never saw the shirt, and I AM here in Lancaster!I have been posting pictures on my blog and have been trying to do daily updates. I will try to get the Magdalena design rugs tomorrow. Wish you were here!

  4. I'm right there with you, Saundra!!! Friends have called & texted ~ I made the choice not to go ~ no one told me I couldn't ~ but, I wish I were there!

  5. Saundra ~
    What fun! I sat with your friend Shari this evening at class. She's a sweetie! We will be in class again together on Saturday.
    Pug hugs :)


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