Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Repeat Buyer

Luckily I have a following at the two shows I do per year which are at the same venue, once in July and again October.  To prepare for each show I know that I'd better have some primitive black dolls for my best customer.  It's becoming a challenge to come up with different ideas that she doesn't already have so try to make two different ones for each show in hopes something will pique her interest.

Just the other day she sent me a picture of her collection and wanted to share it with me.  She did say they are all displayed on her fireplace mantle as she loves looking at the whole family together.  This is the picture she sent.

When I saw her in July and she purchased two dolls, she said she wanted a baby, it had to have toes and of course had to be black.  She also requested that I send her a picture of the available for adoption.  So before October show I diligently created a baby black doll with toes.  Since I wasn't sure if she wanted a girl or a boy baby decided to make one of each....tee hee, knowing full well she would buy both anyway. 

So just one week before the show I sent her a picture of a boy and girl and asked if she wanted me to hold one back until she arrived at the show. Or, if she had no interest I would put them out on my table.  I mean, neither of them might have pulled at her heartstrings or perhaps she wasn't able to attend the show.  After she sent me the delightful picture above I asked permission to post that on my primitive page of my web site and promised to not mention her name.  Her reply was, "Wait until I send you an updated picture with the babies in it"

And, believe it or not she does own one white doll of mine.  And since I know what it was plan to make a black version of it as I'm sure it is a 'made' sale.


  1. Saundra, Love the pictures! I am redoing a black doll this week.She's getting a new face Cheri

  2. Saundra ~
    You are just way too talented!!!
    Hugs :)


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