Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ah..... youth

My 8 year old grandson is here today, actually was here yesterday too since his mom had to work and school is out for Thanksgiving holiday this week.  So he and I have had fun riding bikes, walking Ben, watching movies (Cars is so cute) and chatting.

And he was having fun with some new things I bought for his visit.  Yesterday he played with his Matchbox cars and a smallish garage accessory, did some coloring and briefly looked at the lego type set I picked up for him. 

So today he was determined to make something out of the lego type pieces and was successful in making a helicopter, a car and a fire truck.  He was quite patient and very pleased with his accomplishments ~ so was granma.

The first one assembled was the helicopter.

Then he decided to finish two more things so he could play with his new vehicles.  And of course I had to forward all the pictures to his mom's and dad's computer but I've reduced it to 3 for the benefit of my blog readers.

And here he has them all lined up in a row.

Guess I will go back in the living room, hook and chat with Zachary a while longer until his mom comes to get him. 


  1. He's a sweetie. I teach 8 year olds this year. I'm loving that age! They are so engaged in learning still...yet have a bit of new sophistication! I love legos too...reminds me of my boys!

  2. Saundra ~
    What a handsome boy. He must get his good looks from his Grandma :) Isn't it fun to spend time with him? I love the time spent with my Jake.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Hugs :)


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