Monday, November 14, 2011

Workshop rug show

There was an impromptu rug show at the Delmarva Workshop; some were rugs teachers brought and others were from some of the students' finished works.  There were no names on them so it is hard to tell.  And, must confess that I didn't take pictures of all of them (my bad).

This rabbit is totally adorable with it's wool applique purse.

I do know this eagle was hooked by Peg, the same woman who was hooking the fish in class.  She mentioned that she asked her husband what he wanted her to hook and he wanted her to do this eagle and flag.  She did but said that she thought to herself, "Oh no, a boring brown eagle".  So she decided to give it a little color.  It looks like it is hooked separately and then placed on top of the flag.

This bear was really neat and looked like it may have been hooked in #10 cut with brown and white herringbone.  And with the fru fru and proddy flowers this may have been a piece that Diane Kelley hooked.

Take a look at the woven basket; that is too cool!

And like the proddy rooster tail on this one. 

It is always fun to see what other people do and get inspiration.  And of course there were rugs from Lucille Festa which you saw on the post two days ago. 


  1. It is truly amazing how color selection makes such outstanding
    rugs! Thanks for sharing,Cheri

  2. The backgrounds on each of those rugs are so cool - lots of interesting things to look at on each of them!

  3. Thanks for the rug show. I had missed your post with Lucille's rugs. I'm sure glad you mentioned it so I could go take a look-see. I just loved her rugs she had at the biennial.
    Hugs :)

  4. I do love the color in the Eagle very impressive. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful rugs.


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