Monday, November 28, 2011

Snowman Mat

This is the snowman mat design I was hooking when my dear daughter-in-love saw me hooking it.  Since she is so spoiled she thought she'd snuck a glimpse of a Christmas gift in the process for her.  So when I explained it was for a winter swap there was a disappointed look on her face.  If it looks familiar it is because I drew the design out and it was part of the give away that Cathy of Orange Sink won.

For some reason the pictures turned out yellowish and guess it was the setting I used on the camera.  Sorry.

Thought I'd use pillow ticking as the binding so I can write a note, "to the Princess Christmas 2011 from the Queen". Well, yes, spoiled she is (and unfortunately I have contributed to that spoil) decided she would have one too. Additionally she will receive her very favorite perfume gift set for Christmas because I didn't give it to her last year and she is too frugal to treat herself so got her that for this year, plus the snowman mat. Did I mention she LOVES all things snowman?

I've made her a Kindred Spirits Snowo-man doll and other snowmen in the past so I can understand why she may have thought it was for her.  So she really will be surprised when she gets it I think, particularly since she saw the winter mat I received in return.  I went looking for a picture of the Snow-woman I made for her and can't find it, oh well.  Now to stitch the binding down.

So now I can pull some loops on my Sincerely Jane rug because it is just about update time on Rughookers group, and can continue on my Edward Sands Frost Sheep rug again.

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