Saturday, November 12, 2011

Delmarva Workshop

Oh my did I have fun those 3 days at a workshop in Ocean City, MD.  The workshop and accommodations were held at The Dunes Hotel right on the Atlantic Ocean.  Each of the rooms have a balcony and it is delightful to fall asleep to the sound of rolling waves gently cascading onto the shore.

No, that speck in the water to the right is not a shark, it is a surfer waiting for the perfect wave.  Lucille thought that the 'boys' were crazy to be out there in November even if they were in a wet suit.

I had Lucille in a class at Cape May a few years ago when she taught the first week.  Now she teaches the second week but that week isn't good for me as it is too close to when I have a show.  So once I learned that she was teaching in Ocean City, MD my registration was in the mail the next day.  Not only do I love Lucille's primitive style and color choices but love her sense of humor; to say she is a hoot is an under statement.

At one point we were looking for the right color in my rug, and since I wanted it to have blotches of different darks for the background (as you see in antique rugs) she said, "what you need is a dirty muddy".  So that is one of my favorite names for an aged piece of wool.  She sure is a lot of fun to be around.

Some of the gals in the class had never taken a primitive class and they usually hook with lots of color, so this was a stretch for some as they tried working outside their comfort zone.  But they did a remarkable job.  I'll eventually post more pictures of some of the pieces the students were working on, but for now, here are some of the hooked pieces that Lucille brought to demonstrate different aspects of primitive hooking.  This one is an adaptation of a Magdalena rug and I love it.

This was a very interesting piece that Lucille spoke of, the whys and hows she designed it.

She also brought some hooked door people to be used as decorations during the holidays.  I bought this design in pattern form on linen but my roomie and friend Deb noticed there was a price in the back and grabbed it up, all hooked by Lucille.... lucky duck.

This is a cute cat rug and the colors are rich and yummy.
And what is not to like about this adorable chicken.  Maybelle will be on my list of rugs to hook one day.  And oh but that list is growing.

It was certainly a fun camp and hope Lucille will be invited back to the workshop to teach next November.  But I understand that they try to bring in different teachers each year but I'm keeping my fingers cross.  If she does go back..... Lucille, here I come.  If you want to check out Lucille's web site, here is a link:


  1. Saundra,I love your postings! What a great time to have. I went to a friends house and hooked all day yesterday! It was great. I am so glad you had a fun time. Maybe one day I'll go to a hook in,

  2. I went off to a hook in yesterday and it does get you jazzed up to grab the hook and a pile of wool. I love the hooked people! Fun. Lovely rugs!


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