Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let me introduce you to my boy Ben

I know that a few months ago I posted pictures of a rescue that I adopted.  Unfortunately that did not work out because after 3 weeks and her having gained weight, gained strength and confidence from being near emaciation, she bit me.  There was no way I could have that behavior around my grandson or me, for that matter, so back to the rescue she went. 

So the end of September my vet's office called asking if I was still interested in adopting a Rottweiler because they knew someone who had a great 3 year old neutered Rottie and needed to find him a good home.  Well of course I was interested.  But this time, since he lived in my town of Seaford, I went to visit with him 3 different times before bringing him home.  Just wanted to be sure it would work for both of us.  Home with me Ben came on October 3rd.  Since I wanted to be sure that we were definitely past the 3 week honeymoon (so to speak) didn't really post about the new adoption. 

Now it is time for me to introduce you to the new boy (only boy, tee hee) in my life...... Ben.
Just so you know, I was outside trimming my lirope today and tethered him to the tree next to me so we could spend time together outside in the mild temperatures.  Ben isn't totally perfect, I cannot let him off the leash like I could have my precious Shadow or my two other Rottweilers I owned previous.  Ben hates vehicles and he would definitely take off chasing them if left to his own devices. 

And, in case you're wondering.....NO, I do not keep him tethered outside, he lives in the house with me and the only time I've ever tethered him is when I'm outside working in the yard and we can be near each other and he can enjoy the out-of-doors without risking injury or death due to car chasing.  I'm trying to get him to stop the aggressive behavior toward vehicles because I'm afraid he may break loose, chase a car and get injured.  But so far he doesn't seem to have diminished behavior in that respect.  So if anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears and eyes.

He is very affectionate, loves kids and even with 4 kids next door converged on the porch, Ben was happy as a clam and couldn't wait to be with them.  My grandson Zack loves him and it is mutual from Ben.  Zach will be here tomorrow and Tuesday.

Matter of fact, twice now I've had to stick my hand in his mouth to retrieve something and he passed that test with flying colors.  I could do that with my other Rotties and with Shadow.  That is good because if they seem to be choking on something I want to safely remove it without being bitten.

And, I know that the Memorial to Shadow is still on my blog.  The love for her is still too close to my heart and cannot remove her picture yet.

Now it's time to feed the boy.....  later.


  1. Oh Saundra,What a beauty. What a caring person you are.Ben what a great name. Hugs Cheri
    Sorry you had such a hard time the doggy before . Ben sounds like a keeper!

  2. Cute boy!! I got all excited ~ thought you had a man friend you were going to introduce!!! But a dog is good!!!

  3. I'm sorry your other dog didn't work out...but grandkids' safety come first. Ben looks like a good guy. My youngest son is a Ben. LOL
    Keep us posted on this lovely boy!

  4. Ben is a handsome dude! I'm glad he likes kids. That makes him a swell guy. Thanks for all you do to help rescue dogs, Saundra!

  5. Saundra ~
    I am so happy that Ben has fit in so well. My Annie chases cars, too. I told her if she catches it, there is no room in the garage for!
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Hugs :)


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