Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sensational Seasonal Swap

I am participating in the fun and rewarding Sensational Seasonal Swap on .  The rules were that the pieces had to be exactly 8" x 8".  The purpose of that was so if anyone wished to participate in all four seasons they could choose to display just one season at a time, attach all four in a row, or two seasons at the top and two seasons on the bottom. 

In addition to being a quick mat to hook because of it's size, we were also asked to just trim the excess backing off (finish the edges so it wouldn't fray)  and gently tack it to the back so that the recipient could decide later how they wished to display their mats.  So for those who don't like the binding aspect, this was a relatively fun and simple project with great rewards at the end.

Today I received my swap mat from my partner Marci Braun.  Oh wow, am I ever happy happy with my mat.  I know women like her who hook so evenly that the project looks steamed when it is still in the process of being hooked.  I've a friend Bonnie who goes to Woolley Fox who is just like that.  Well, I think Marci's hooking is just the same way.

I know, I know you all want to see the mat and I'll get to that.  But, in addition to the mat she sent some delicious over dyed wool, some Ghiradelli dark chocolate and a very nice hard cover journal which I will take to write special things in when I go to rug camps.  But, my first entry will be for the first of the four seasonal swaps and friends I make along the way.  It will be nice to journal my hooker friendships and special moments.  Okay, here is the mat.

Isn't this cute as the dickens?  There are so many things it says to me.... first, I live in the woods and there are trees in the foreground and background.  There is the comfort of a home where someone is probably hooking in the lighted room, and the Snowman is decorated in Christmas lights and hat to keep him warm in the chill of winter.

I plan to do all 4 seasonal swaps and Marci has set the standard for me to try and achieve for the next 3.  In the event you are considering joining I want to mention it was not a requirement to sign up for all 4 seasons.  And, the swap partners will change so that I won't get Marci for any of the other 3 seasons.  But I definitely plan to participate in the others as this was fun.  So, if you would like to join check out , join and inquire about the seasonal swap because our next one will be due sometime in March I think.


  1. Saundra ~
    How sweet! I am in awe of hookers who can make each loop the same height. Not in my!
    Do we get to see what you hooked? I'm sure it's wonderful, too!
    Hugs :)

  2. That little rug is adorable! It sounds like a very fun swap.

  3. What a special little snowman mat. How fun to anticipate three more mats coming during the year. I am looking forward to seeing the mats you send as well!

  4. That is the sweetest snowman rug that maybe I've ever seen!! Lucky girl!!


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