Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dog Rug Update

I've hooked a little more on the Magdalena Dog rug and think I'll set it aside for a bit and work on something else ~ actually want to finish binding the candle mat I just finished.  So it will give me a chance to get away from the rug and decide if I will keep the colors I have used thus far.  Actually, for the background in the upper left I'd chosen a lighter brown blend of wools but they were much too close in value to the light dull red in the corner curve.

I have taken two pictures with two different settings; one shows too much the color mixtures throughout and the other shows too dark so thought I'd let you choose which picture you prefer.
Quite a difference in photos, eh?

My plans are to change color for the bottom part of the background but once I start hooking who knows what I'll end up with.  Frankly, this isn't how I'd intended to hook the rug as I'd planned on a softer appearance.  However, seems like it has chosen it's own destination some how.  Sorta like taking Ben out..... he walks me, not the other way around.  But then I figure it is his walk, not mine and he can follow his nose is he wants.


  1. Hi Saundra,Rugs do have a mind of their own. I had a friend that had a bright orange in a really large leaf in a rug we all thought it was too loud but as the rug was hooked the other colors of the rug brought the color value down to it being a great look! I think you will love this rug more as you hook it.It looks beautiful I love the colors! Cheri

  2. Saundra ~
    It's wonderful even if it is not as you had planned!
    Oh, isn't it hard to capture the true colors of a rug???
    Hugs :)

  3. It's great to see the progress on this rug. I can never catch the true rug colors with the camera. I really like the color play so far though. I'm almost done with the border of my rug...well, half done, anyway. Then, I'll be dyeing wool with this little doggie in mind.


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