Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Starting something New

Moving on to newer grounds.  Well, Magdalena Briner rugs really aren't a new project for me since I've got at least 3 under my belt.  But am getting ready to hook this beauty now.  This is the original by Magdalena but I'm not doing the original size of 36 x 45.  I'll hook a much smaller and quicker to hook piece. I've been wanting to hook this design for quite a while since seeing the smaller version that Barb hooked in Ligonier.

Meanwhile, I've still a couple rugs to bind and am soaking black binding tape to bleed out the black dye now so it doesn't happen to the rugs should they get wet.  It is amazing how much dye comes out of just a warm soapy soak.

And tried so hard to work on a rug that I'd started about 3 years ago and ended up hating pulling loops.  HUH?  Me?  Hating pulling loops?  I liked the design, I didnt' like the wool I was using.  Yeah, I was using some undesirable wool, thinking that placed here and there it would not be noticed.  HA!  It looked like hell.

So for now I've stuck the wool and pattern aside and will pull out all the wool around the undesirable wool and put it away for some time until ready to tackle it again and with all good wool.  So it just doesn't pay to use crappy wool even tho you like the color, as it just doesn't position right and I wasn't happy.


  1. Oh I would love to come over and have a good old fashioned hooking lesson from you. The way you speak of rugs shows such experience and talent! I want to hook a Magdalena! What would you suggest?

  2. Saundra ~
    I am sure you will pick the perfect colors for the Magdalena rug. One of these days I'll get to one...sigh.
    Hugs :)
    P.S. When Courtney comes, can I come, too...lol?

  3. great rug I do hate to pull out wool it is so discouraging.

  4. Someday I'd like to hook one of these wonderful rugs...they absolutely define primitive hooked rugs.
    Can I come, too?


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