Friday, February 24, 2012


I have had several very frustrating days trying to post on my blog.  I wrote numerous messages of "it is broken" to Google Blogger and some nice guy in the UK finally walked me thru what I needed to do.  And I'm guessing it will work because at least I'm able to type this now.  

Ended up that I had to download Goggle Chrome and open that up in order to find my blog.  There has been an issue with Internet Explorer being compatible with Google Blogger.  Don't understand the mechanics or the politics of that issue all I know is I couldn't post on my blog.

Anyway, Here is an update on my Magdalena Dog rug.  I'm liking how it is turning out even tho it had a mind of it's own for a while.  I have taken a couple different shots of it because the color seems to change with the different settings.

And another shot which gives a crisper albeit washed out view.

I've a couple eye glass cases to assemble for someone so not sure if I'll get any loops pulled on him today or not, but sure hope so.

So it IS nice to be back posting.  And I'm hoping this is going to actually be my newer post since the previous done on February 19th.  Crossing my fingers here.


  1. Your dog rug is looking great! I love all of those Magdelena sweet! As for having trouble with blogger, you might look into Windows Live Writer. I've been using it for about a year now and it makes blogging a breeze! Here's a link
    If the link doesn't work just google windows live writer.

  2. Oh Saundra,I love your color choices. It is looking so beautiful!I hate when blogger acts up which is quite often! Have a productive happy weekend.Hugs Cheri

  3. Loving the dog. You've gotten so much done. It's beautiful. I'm working on mine too. I must have tucked the gold you've used around the dog away in my mind, because that's what I ended up doing also. I'll try not to copy too much! Started with a bright ring of yellow, then various pieces of gold around that. I love the band of colors in the golden halo that you have.

    I'm pulling any and all textures out to see what's next. I'm just playing around and experimenting and having a great old time of it! My husband wants this rug when it's done!

  4. Hey Saundra,
    I love this rug. One of my very favorites. I actually did this rug in punch needle and I love that too. I'd like to someday hook this rug. Reminds me so much of my black lab Oni.

    ps...hug Ben for me!


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