Monday, February 27, 2012

Magdalena's Dog Rug and Oscar Party

Here is how my rug is looking right now.  I didn't get much hooking in yesterday as I was busy finishing up the assembly of two eye glass cases, making some repairs to a party dress, and generally didn't accomplish much because my friends were picking me up at 6.  Why does it take me so long to do things now days?  Sheesh.

So yes, I went to an Oscar Party..... not THE Oscar party, but one in town hosted by a good friend of mine.  

This is Jon, the host (notice the red carpet??)  This dress is ancient.  I purchased it for a trip when I went to Iceland to see a friend around 1995.  The dress had been in my attic since then and the elasticity had stretched due to the summer heat all those years since having been in the attic since 1997 when I moved here.  I was amazed that I could still fit in that thang.  And NO, I did not have a wardrobe malfunction, everything was snug as a bug in a rug.

Jon's jacket is a Top Chef jacket and he really is an accomplished great cook and bartender.  Snacks and drinks were wonderful.  Actually I met Jon and my gal pals (below) at wine tasting Friday night a few years ago.  Anyway, I had never had a Buttered Martini until last night and while I don't usually drink hard liquor had to try it.  My drink of choice is vino.

Jon goes all out for this party and gives all his guests a CD with music from movies up for an Oscar.   Jon has an extensive collection of autographed pictures of movie stars in his home on display all the time.  But for party night he pulls out all kinds of Oscar memorabilia.   It is also buys Oscar posters and has all his guests sign them the year of the party, then he has it framed.  Oh, Jon also does an all out Halloween party and everyone must go costumed.  

These are my friends Karla and Paula who live a few miles from me so picked me up along the way.  As mentioned, I met them at wine tasting as well.... and me who had to be coerced in attending even the first wine tasting; now it is my weekly social event.
This is my second year going to Jon's Oscar Party; missed last year so it was 2010 when I went and was so excited about it decided to dress outrageously.  My plans were to be the aging actress who was making a comeback movie.  I had this gaudy gold lame' dress, wore rhinestone jewelery.  That year my gal pals followed suit and one dressed as a French Director of my movie, complete with beret while the other slicked her hair back dressed in a suit and tie and was to be my escort to the Oscars.  Again, it was a lot of fun so felt as tho I had to get dressed up again this year.

Here is a picture of the Oscar on display which is like a pinata but serves the purpose as a an Oscar for this special annual event.

Notice some of the wine and the name.  The one with the white label is Frances Ford Coppola's Director's Cut and was a good Cab.  I brought him the other bottle of Frances Ford Coppola Cab as a house gift.

And, sorry the picture is on it's side.  For some reason when I tilt my camera to take a picture, even tho I do the rotation thing thru the Paint program and save it, the dang thing reverts back to the way the shot was taken.  

Not sure how long the party lasted but the gals had to go to work today so we left at 9 p.m. and I came home and walked my boy Ben then hit the sack.  But here are some who were no way ready to leave yet.  These are just the ones in the kitchen area and there was a room full of people watching the Oscars on the big TV in the living room but it was too dark to take a picture.  I was so glad to see a husband and wife came dressed to the Oscars so that I didn't feel like a dope.  But I'll bet all those other folks were a little more comfortable that I was.  

So now I'm thinking about what I should do for next year..... dress up again or go comfortable?


  1. Whoa, Saundra ~
    You are one hot momma :) Love the dress! I would have been in a turtleneck. Looks like it was a great party.
    Your rug is looking fabulous and you are getting so close. LOVE IT!
    Pug hugs :)

  2. That party looks like a blast! I love your outfit! You look fabulous!
    Your rug looks great too! I couldn't hook I am parked with the dog and the was work...yuck!! So, I staggered home late to just get dinner and collapse. Hope to hook more later this week!

  3. Oh Saundra
    You looked absolutely breath taking, so beautiful! I really enjoyed this post. You look awesome girlfriend!!


  4. you look so beautiful! It sounds like fun I do love the martini's but never had a buttered one.

  5. You looked "fabulous, dahling" !!! Next year ~ do it again!

  6. Go for it again next year - and get your pals to dress up again, too.
    Hmmm. Wine tasting sounds like fun.
    Am loving your dog - that's the Magdalena I've always wanted to hook.


  7. Oh, that sounds like so much fun. Definitely dress up!

  8. Love the dress!!! You looked spectacular! Maybe Angelina's dress next year , so you can get your own twitter page for your leg Lol


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