Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wool Room Chaos

Oh my gawd!  I've ordered some delicious wool from Betsy ~ uh, like a moving van full.  Well, okay 9 yards. And frankly they were so beautiful that I wanted to buy more wool than I did.

Okay, so then it was time to re-organize my wool room, straighten the stacks, put like wool together from the wool that I'd taken to camps and put back with the bulk on the shelves.  And when pulling out wool from the middle of the stack the wool oozes out, hangs down.... you get the picture I'm sure.  Which meant that before my wool arrives I needed to reorganize my stash.  STASH?  My room looks like a hooking shop.  I do not ever need to buy wool again as long as I live (Betsy and Erica, I've been known to say this before, so I lie). 

Isn't this pretty?  Well at least it is starting to be pretty.  Wait til you see the other pictures.  Ya see the mesh tote sitting askew?  That is the wool which is left over from the class with Lucille Festa this past November, which still needs to be put away.  And, under that mess is a wonderful antique ice cream parlor table and chairs but you can't see it because of all the mess.

So then pulling off wool from the shelves and dumping on the floor just made for even more of a mess than I had in the beginning.  I should have taken a before picture before I started putting wool on the floor.  But now I'm overwhelmed.  Sure wish I'd started this clean up BEFORE buying these additional beautiful 9 yards of wool.

Okay.... Courtney is supposed to be dying this week she is off.  So I'm thinking that I should take some of the this and that's odd pieces and dye too.... IF there should be a color I need (NEED???? am I crazy??) then I'll dye it.  God knows I've enough wool to play with and put in dye pots.

I have a very nice table on which to cut wool or draw out a pattern.  Frankly, I have a very nice wool room but it is in total chaos.  Here is a picture when my room was more organized.  Isn't it pretty?

But this is the way it looks right now.

Okay, think I'm done for the night because I cannot stand the chaos any longer.  And poor Ben wanted his mommy with him so he came up to lay on the mounds of wool and he makes a big heap to walk around.  So I'll continue tomorrow during his nap time so I won't be missed.


  1. Ok, you are obviously overwhelmed. I'll be right over to take the surplus off of your hands. It can go into my dye pots. If you want it back...well, just try to remember what color it was before! LOL. I love, love your studio! I meant to buy another shelf for my wool room today, but I bought a dry sink instead! But, now the "house" proper is done and I can actually furnish the studio and get the boxes unpacked. I found two lovely skirts at SA a blue (garish) pendleton which needs some of its kick kicked out of it! The other a camel. Looks promising. There was a nice gray, but with obvious moth webbing that scared me! I passed!
    Keep us posted on the progress!

  2. Saundra ~
    It is SO HARD to keep the wool room neat, isn't it? I need to straighten the wool, too. The new doorless pie safe I bought a few months ago is filled and once again I'm in need of more shelves. Like you, maybe I ought not buy more wool. Yeah, right. I was bummed because of today's weather. I had planned to hit the wool sale at the Ault's, but that's about 60 miles from me. Maybe next Saturday {big grin}.
    Oh, I can't wait to see Courtney's dry sink!
    Hugs to you and Ben :)

  3. oh honey you have yourself a lovely stash! It makes you want to dive right in. No matter how much I organize I find it gets out of order very quickly

  4. Oh Saundra can you feel the envy oozing out of me. I love it Chaos and all. What a bonanza of color to
    play with,I was hooking all weekend. It felt good. Hugs and jealousy from California,LOL! Cheri

  5. What I see is creativity in action...hook on :)Lee

  6. LOL Saundra girl that is NOTHING! A mess doesn't count if it is all in one place and it doesnt even exist if you can hide it behind a door! :)

    Here is a video of crocheting a rag rug if ur intrested , It is the best explained one I can find to date. It goes SO fast and is a great way to use lots of fabric quickly. The hook only cost about $6 on Amazon :



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