Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hooking Time

Now that my wool room is organized again and I've even vacuumed up the wool dust, I was finally able to put the Magdalena Dog on the frame and begin hooking again.  Yesterday I had full intentions of posting a picture of the rug, took a picture and then because the picture showed the flowers as more orange than red, decided to pull out loops and hook more so I'd have a little better color plan.

You would think that with all the yardage of wool I have in my stash that I'd be better at color planning.  I'm always second guessing myself and feel inadequate even when I try to do it by the color wheel.  I have a friend Shari Lutz who is a natural and everything she hooks looks wonderful and well thought out.  And frankly don't think she puts in a lot of effort out doing the color planning.  She just goes to look at her stash, grabs this and that, cuts it and away she goes.

So here is what the rug looked like yesterday.

And below are two different camera settings that I just took as they each show the rug in a different light.  And darn if it still doesn't show the flowers as more orange but believe me when I say it is red in person.  This time it is staying put.

Next photo is the other camera setting.  And I do see something I'm pulling out ~ under the dog is a blue/green row of hooking and that will come up as I want to put the neutral color there and have decided that I will add the blue/green in some quadrants of the rug.

My plans are to make it a sorta scrappy and echoing rug as Magdalena originally did but not with the color choices she made.  Normally I try to stay true to her colors but use what I have available from my stash.  This time I'm using a little more color and that is why I'm having a problem.

Oh well, if I don't like it can always pull out wool and re-hook.  And, the rug isn't all that big and could always hook another.  I say that but have never hooked the same rug twice.


  1. I see no issues with your hooked rugs. I love your sense of color and wonderful patterns.

  2. You sound like me! I'm always second guessing...I'm doing it now on a hit or miss, mind you! LOL

    I am interested in your thoughts about the row under the dog. It looked good there...but now I'm curious about seeing that greenish color elsewhere.

    After all, it's all about experimenting...not being afraid to take rows out, change things up. I'm ok with unhooking sections. No harm done and maybe more interesting things happening.

    I really like how you walk us through a rug. In teaching, we call this a "think aloud". It's a great form of modeling!

    Please keep 'em coming!

  3. Saundra ~
    You are hooking another absolutely wonderful rug! Don't short change yourself. Your choice of colors is always perfect in my book! I wish I could drop by and have you color plan a rug (or two or three) of mine.
    Hugs :)

  4. Love this rug ~ and I don't mind that bluegreen strip ~ maybe leave it till you're done? I've hooked this rug, too ~ it gets lots of use in the kitchen in front of a chair we use a lot!! Mine is really dark and it's a good thing! Yours is gonna be fabulous!!!

  5. Hi Saundra, Every rug is a new start almost like a painters canvas so it's a challange to get what's in our head in our rug. You do a great job of making a hooked rug any of us would be proud to have made. Hugs Cheri


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